Tetramorium hybrid nest- how realistic?

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Re: Tetramorium hybrid nest- how realistic?

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Mon Jul 25, 2016 9:05 pm

Durant wrote:Daaaaaannnnnnggggg larnyx :lol:
I like pictures man, what can i say. I tend to over explain sometimes too. sorry :lol:
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Re: Tetramorium hybrid nest- how realistic?

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Mon Jul 25, 2016 10:38 pm

MCWren wrote:Currently I have no suggestions for you. However, this may change since I have a MASSIVE Tetramorium sp. E colony in my driveway and the surrounding yard. I remember a few days ago lifting a flat stepping stone in my yard, only to find a small Tetramorium sp. E satellite nest. It had some chambers in it, but I don't remember what they looked like, or even if they were clearly visible. Today (if it stops raining) I'll go out and take a picture to show you. In the future, I may update this thread with different pictures if I find any Tetramoriumnests with visible chambers, so keep an eye on this thread, ooper.
Will do. Pictures of what lies under the rocks, bricks, pavers, etc., would be very cool and helpful. Just try not to disturb the nests too much ;)
~ ooper

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